The Knowledge Gap
The Knowledge Gap The Hidden Cause of America's Broken Education System--and How to Fix It By Wexler, Natalie Book - 2019

I read this as a parent interested in education rather than as a teacher. It is an excellent primer on the ways in which skills based focus in Common Core is letting our children down. It as if the focus on decoding and comprehension is giving children "forks and spoons" without out the "meal" of truly engaging content.

The book uses anecdotes to hold the free CORE KNOWLEDGE curriculum up as a successful alternative path. The Wit & Wisdom and EngageNY curriculum are also shown to help students improve their test scores and overcome the Matthew Effect.

After reading this book and as a parent in a common core focused school district (which uses the rather ineffective JOURNEYS basal reader) I'll be using the Core Knowledge produced "What Your ________ Should Know" books to supplement my child's education.

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