The Paris Wife
The Paris Wife [a Novel] By McLain, Paula Downloadable Audiobook - 2011

I recently reread Moveable Feast, which I understand better in my dotage, and so I decided to listen to the audio book version of The Paris Wife. The acting in this audio book is strong; the French is spot-on.

I have mixed feelings about the text, though. Chapters 2 & 3, the history of how Hadley and Ernest hung out in Chicago, contain a lot of gritty Chicago stories. I knew about Hemingway's Michigan connections from the Nick Adams stories, but I did not know all this Chicago stuff. Hadley wasn't Chicago-born; she was from St. Louis, but Midwest is Midwest. It feels right, Midwesterners feeling their way into Modernism, but the "romantic" dialog in this book is often cheesy, at least to my ear.

The ending when things really go to hell was goodish, probably because there was so little dialog and am now, for dessert, finishing up a reread The Sun Also Rises. This stuff is better as social history than literature I find, but I enjoy it.

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