Wait Till Helen Comes
Wait Till Helen Comes A Ghost Story By Hahn, Mary Downing eBook - 2008 | 1st Clarion pbk. ed

I agree with the statement below that Heather was hard to get past. For a seven year old, she certainly exhibits snotty and disrespectful behavior to her new family and in the way she talks to them all - I was surprised to learn she was not a pre-teen when introduced to the reader. The real pre-teen of the story, Molly, has more patience and stick-to-it-iveness for her age than I give others her age credit for. That being said though, she seemed to show no spine, for that matter, neither did Heather's dad. I kept waiting for her to lash out at Heather. The plot is okay, some suspense, a little predictable. But generally, and entertaining read.

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