Just noted that goodreads has several pages of quotes now. Below are ones I collected independently:

“At one point I had forty kids in the gym, and a few teachers, and the principal, and some were crying, and some were shivering, and some were throwing up, and I felt like doing all three at the same time.”

There was a fireman causing trouble.

“Sir,” Nurse Lean said now, in a voice thin with impatience. “Everyone in this line is having an emergency. It’s emergencies all the way back to the lobby. We take ’em in the order they come here.”

“SIR,” she said. “If you take one more step, we’ll be treating you this afternoon for a variety of bruises and contusions.”

Renée said it was easier to spot a moose in New Hampshire than a black person. She said she was used to being stared at as if her head was on fire, people had been staring that way for years.

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