Corrupted By Scottoline, Lisa Audiobook CD - 2015 | Unabridged

Bennie Rosato is taken back to the past when Jason Leftavick, a juvenile she tried to help 13 years earlier, calls her because he's in jail for murder. As Bennie is thrown back in time, the reader learns how Jason was jailed in middle school for a lunch room fight. This happened because of a Kids-for-Cash scheme cooked up by two judges who owned shares in a private prison. While Bennie tries to come up with a successful defense for an uncooperative Jason, the reader learns how the past has influenced both Bennie's and Jason's lives in a negative way. This book is much better than her previous entry in the Rosato &DiNunzio series -- primarily because Bennie comes off as a more believable character than Judy did in Betrayed.

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