The Wright Brothers
The Wright Brothers By McCullough, David G. Book - 2015 | First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition

One example of nobility of character --- with a keen sense of diplomacy and tact --- of the Wright Brothers was shared on page 250 (Part III., Chapter 11, "Causes for Celebration") with the brothers' attempt to patch-up a falling out they had with Octave Chanute, a French-born American civil engineer, whose gliders were his specialty.

McCullough writes (in pertinent part), "Plainly wishing the dispute to be resolved", Wilbur Wright wrote to Octave Chanute, 'If anything can be done to straighten matters out to the satisfaction of both you and us, we are not only willing but anxious to do our part . . . We have no wish to quarrel with a man toward whom we ought to preserve a feeling for gratitude.'
* * * * *
'We prize too highly the friendship which meant so much in the years of our early struggles to willingly see it worn away by uncorrected misunderstandings, which might be corrected by a frank discussion.'"

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