Spying in High Heels
Spying in High Heels Maddie Springer Series, Book 1 By Halliday, Gemma eBook - 2012

Maddie Springer is not having a good week. Her boy friend blows off a lunch date and then promptly disappears, with accusations of embezzlement following quick at his heals. Her mother is getting married and expects Maddie to take her to a strip joint for the bachelorette party. Her best friend seems to be hopping into bed with anything that walks by and Maddie's design for the children's shoe company is late. The last thing she needs is more complications.

So when she discovers a body, which is then linked to her missing boyfriend, Maddie's world goes topsy turvy. Can she figure out who done it, and what happened to her boyfriend before she becomes a victim herself? And what about the sexy Ramirez who is investigating the various crimes Maddie seems to get embroiled in.

This is a fun read, very similar to the Stephanie Plum series with its zany, screwball comedy with romance layered over top. A nice, light read.

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