The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief
The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief A Step-by-step Guide to Reducing and Eliminating Chronic Pain By Ortner, Nick Book - 2015 | 1st edition

When it comes to the likes of New Age "self-help" books and dealing with chronic physical pain - I believe that "The Tapping Solution" should not be viewed as a "be-all-end-all" answer to complete recovery. No way.

And, even though I believe that this book's author, Nick Ortner, is not a quack, but genuinely honest and sincere in offering his "tapping" advice to his readers....

I'm convinced that this rather unconventional method for seeking relief from pain is not going to show any results unless one fully commits themselves to the "tapping" discipline that Ortner clearly outlines here.

I mean - "Tapping" is (in a sense) very much like hypnotism (which is all based on auto-suggestion) - And, if you sincerely don't believe in it, then, let's face it - It just ain't gonna work.

But, with that said - For anyone who's interested in at least trying Ortner's "tapping" method - This book is certainly worth checking out..... (*Watch "tapping" video-clip*)

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