Lark Rise to Candleford
Lark Rise to Candleford The Complete Season One DVD - 2009

In the mood for a gentle "watch" (it's akin to the gentle read--no gore, no sex, no foul language)? Let this wonderful 4-season series from the BBC spirit you away to late-19th century Oxfordshire with stories revolving around the lives of the townsfolk of thriving, forward-looking Candleford and the denizens of sleepy, rural Lark Rise, eight miles up the road. Our narrator, young Laura Timmons of Lark Rise, moves to Candleford to be assistant to Dorcas Lane, the progressive, slightly meddlesome, but good hearted postmistress. Of course, you can't have a successful period piece like this without crises large and small, romances, jiltings, feuds, and the full complement of quirky characters. My favorite is Minnie, Dorcas's young housemaid--innocent, selectively clever, bubbly, eager to learn, but like as not to get things wrong, and the owner of the biggest, softest heart of all. Some of the episodes tip dangerously toward the sappy, but the high quality of the acting and the top-notch production values one expects from the BBC save the day. If you liked the recent Cranford series, you'll enjoy this, too, I'll bet.
-Madame Librarian

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