Lark Rise to Candleford
Lark Rise to Candleford The Complete Season One DVD - 2009

(At a gathering of some Lark Rise ladies, sorting thorough some old clothes) Emma Timmins: "I remember our Laura, sittin' on my lap, wearing this same dress..." Caroline Arless: "And our Alf. But the frills were time-worn, then! ...Oh, this bonnet is so old-fashioned... I'm sure I must've had it on *my* head! Oh, and every arse that's ever walked the lane has been wrapped in these napkins... I don't want my baby to be jigged out in-- (realizing there's an awkward silence over her language) --in anything other than the rectory box clothes... Can you forgive my cussin', Miss Ellison? There's no call for me to be sayin' "arse" in front of the reverend's daughter. "Arse" is not a civil word! Even though we all has one, and some of us has two. MY OWN ARSE IS--" Emma Timmins: "--Caroline..." Caroline Arless: "Yeah, sorry. Sorry."

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