The Fireman

The Fireman

A Novel

Book - 2016
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spl_merley Jul 17, 2016

The fate of humanity is literally igniting in flames as a pandemic, caused by a spore nicknamed dragonscale, threatens to turn the world to ashes. Courageous and optimistic Nurse Harper Grayson sought to help when the pandemic began but after the hospital that she worked in burns down she and her husband retreat to their home. When she discovers that she is both infected and unexpectantly pregnant her desire to save the life of her unborn child gives her strength to face the dangers smoldering around her. An act of kindness in the hospital is returned when the enigmatic Fireman, who is able to control the plagues flames, saves her life and takes her to a camp where a group of the infected have learned how to live with the spore. Under constant fear of those hunting the sick Harper slowly becomes a part of this cult-like community in spite of her initial misgivings. When conflict and disaster strikes this seemingly idyllic hiding place Harper and the Fireman must work together to save themselves and the one’s they love.

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